In the nearly two (2) years I served as Executive Director and Federal Officer of the National Commission for Industrial Peace, a Presidential Appointment under the Chairmanship of David L. Cole, I oversaw the daily activities of the Commission. Our mission as set forth in Executive Order 11710 was to explore methods by which labor and management may best reconcile their differences through the collective bargaining process consistent with the public interest in the outcome of negotiations; investigate means by which the Government may be most helpful in achieving this goal; encourage labor and management representatives in particular industries or sectors to develop and implement procedures to facilitate resolution of disputes and constructive bargaining in the public interest; and make recommendations to the President concerning these and related matters. The Commission was charged with establishing additional labor-management , public advisory panels with respect to particular sectors of the economy to provide special expertise to the Commission and to develop programs in these particular sectors. The Commission was composed of five prominent labor leaders, George Meany, President of the AFL-CIO; Leonard Woodcock, President of the UAW; I.W. Abel, President of the Steelworkers Union; Frank Fitzsimmons, President of the
Teamsters Union and Paul Hall of the Seafarers’ Union. The Management members of the Commission were: Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr., President of Bechtel Corporation; Edward W. Carter, Chairman of the Board, Broadway-Hale Stores, Inc.; R. Heath Larry, Vice Chairman of the Board United States Steel Corporation; James M. Roche, Member of the Board & Chief Executive Officer of General Motors Corporation and Walter B. Wriston, Chairman of First National City Bank. The Ex Officio Government Members ofthe Commission were: George P. Shultz, Treasury Secretary; Peter J. Brennan, Labor Secretary; Frederick B. Dent, Commerce Secretary; John T. Dunlop, Director of the Cost of Living Council and William J. Usery, Jr., Director of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. The Commission made ten (10) recommendations in its Final Report which was personally presented to the President on May 9, 1974.

After the Commission ended, I transferred to the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service to write and develop programs to implement the recommendations made by the Commission. After that mission was accomplished successfully, I requested to stay with the Agency and to field mediate. Director Usery granted my request and I was assigned to the Chicago Regional Office. In the five (5) years as a Federal Mediator with FMCS, I mediated hundreds of contract impasse disputes across all industries. I specialized in education disputes at all levels, elementary, secondary and higher education – community colleges and universities; and transportation disputes, local bus and light rail cases. After resigning from the position of FMCS Commissioner, I commenced my career as Arbitrator, Mediator, Fact Finder and Hearing Officer in solo private practice beginning April 1, 1979. Over time my practice expanded from the Midwest states to the South and Southwest and Western states. I Developed expertise in handling interest arbitration cases and privately mediated police and firefighter cases. I have lectured on the topics of arbitration and mediation at the college level at such universities as the University of Chicago; the University of Illinois, Chicago where I held a visiting professorship for one quarter; and at Roosevelt University in Chicago. I have conducted classes in arbitration and mediation for the American Arbitration Association and for the Illinois Labor Relations Board.